Season 1 Trailer

When she was 29, producer and host Sarah Kyo thought she knew where her life was headed.

Listen to this sneak peek to find out what happened next and what's in store for Season 1 of Initiate.


Sarah Kyo: When I was 29, I thought I knew where my life was headed. I had lived in the same city, practically the same neighborhood, for almost 10 years.  It was familiar. It was home.

My boyfriend and I celebrated our seventh anniversary. To make it extra special, we went to a fancy fondue restaurant — the kind with 4 dollar signs. I felt comfortable, safe, and secure. I was happy.

And then, 7 days later, we broke up. Before I knew it, I was 30. Living in a new city. Re-learning to be an independent woman. Trying to figure out my life’s direction. So, I found myself longing for the guidance of other women who’ve been there.

Gloria Halligan: You learn to be grateful. From losses come great things.

Sarah: My name is Sarah Kyo, and this is Initiate — a place where I seek out wisdom from experienced women, whose personal stories are as relevant now, as they were when they happened.

Women like Gloria, a hiking enthusiast and self-described late bloomer, who, like me, was an indoor person for much of her life.

Gloria: My life has been filled with different decisions along the way. I mean, to starting this walking later in life and now to think, do I want to give it up?

Sarah: And Florence, a survivor of Japanese internment camps who taught me about becoming an activist.

Florence Hongo: They almost fell on the floor because they had never about the racist experience of Asians. 

Sarah: Women who have made an impact — big and small. Women who have experienced life, love, loss — and new beginnings.

Florence: Even now, you know, I’m always anxious to learn new things and have a curious mind.

Sarah: Initiate, with me, Sarah Kyo, coming September 14th. Subscribe to Initiate on your favorite podcast app. For more information, visit or find us on social media, @initiatepodcast.


Episode 1 will be released by September 17th.

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